How to Start a Side Hustle With No Special Skills – The Ultimate Guide

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How To Start a Side Hustle With No Special Skills

In today’s world, having a side hustle is one of the best ways to achieve financial independence. The epidemic showed a great deal about the current generation. It revealed that most people utterly relied on their 9-5 occupations. And, given the number of people who lost their employment due to the lockdowns, it’s time for you to diversify your income.

Many want to retire early and have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. And having a side hustle or passive income can help you get there. It becomes a valuable source of additional income that can help you pay off debt, save for a rainy day, and invest for future growth.

So, in this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about side hustles and how to start a side gig with no money. So keep reading to gain insight and begin your journey to financial independence.


1. What is a side hustle?

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In its most basic definition, a side hustle is a job or occupation that you perform in addition to your primary work. It could be a passion converted into a business or a money-maker to supplement your income.

A side gig requires a lot of discipline because it takes up most of your free time. It is excellent if you are committed to making it a profitable and enjoyable business.

As stated in most side hustle guides, select the one that complements you, and choose an activity you enjoy so you can perform without thinking. Choosing a difficult-to-implement, uninteresting, or time-consuming business idea will divert resources and time from your primary job.

This imbalance may cause issues in the future. So, pick a simple side job to establish, implement, and manage early on. How to earn extra money with a side business primarily depends on the choices you make at the beginning.

Side income streams are great because you can work on something you love while making money. However, if you’re not careful, you could end up losing more than you gain.


2. How much will a side gig cost you?

There is no defined number for side hustles. On the internet, you can discover tips on how to start a side hustle with no skills for free and guides on how to start a side business for $500, $1000, and so on. So, various gigs require different investments.

For example, a side business making handcrafted rugs cannot be expected to cost the same as a liquor store. Each requires various permits, inventory, and procedures.

So this begs the question, how do you get to a complete financial budget that will fit your chosen side hustle?

Well, here are a few questions that can help you get to that figure:

  • How much money are you willing to use?
  • How much time do you have to build the business?
  • Will you need extra resources like a rented space, cars, or land?
  • How much knowledge do you know about the business?

By answering these questions, you establish a cost basis. Do as much research as possible to address the big question of how I can start a side hustle.

Talk to people in the industry, join social media or online courses social media forums like Facebook groups, twitter groups, and LinkedIn, read blogs, podcasts, attend small business and gig economy webinars.

If your side gig is a service or digital product, therefore, provide free sessions (free samples for digital products) to learn the trade and get feedback. Then you may construct a rate card for your company after that.

Earning money online with a side income stream with no skills may start off simple, but mastering it will make you more successful and resilient.


3. Getting started with a side hustle

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Now that you have your idea figured out and have created a budget, it is time to get the ball rolling. And below are some of the suggestions we have for you to get started on your side hustling:

Check if your current employment allows a side hustle
Some employers are unhappy with their employees having side jobs and earning cash in their spare time that may(which may hurt your career), while others only want to know there is one. In either case, ask your HR manager.

Also, avoid commercial ventures that may cause a conflict of interest with the corporation.

For example, opening a forwarding and clearing side business may be prohibited by your employer. Suppose you work in logistics. You may get in trouble for fighting for the same clients. Usually, the contract you signed gets you sued.

If an employer does not want you to make money on the side with a side gig, it may be because the work demands your time and energy. So you won’t be able to provide 100%. In these circumstances, the employer should pay well for third-party services and benefits, such as medical, paid day offs, retirement, and insurance.

All in all, weigh your options and decide.

Build your side business digitally.
We live in a very digital world, so if someone does not find you online, they assume you are a hoax. That said, consider opening a company website, social media profile, and even LinkedIn. Luckily, a few platforms will allow you to do all these without paying a dime.

You may use Wix and Weebly for your website, Facebook and Instagram for your social media, and WordPress for your blog.

The next step is to get a domain. Ideally, these sites will automatically offer you one, but some extensions will be linked to them. But for a small fee, you can get a customized one. And you can go either way.

Set time aside to work on your side gig.
Even if your side job is not your primary occupation, it still needs your input. So set aside a few hours in a day or the weekends to tend to it. Here is a good example:

Suppose you decide to start a flower and succulent selling business. You may dedicate the weekends, early mornings, and evenings to tending to the plants. Water them in the mornings before leaving for work, and check on them in the evening.

And on the weekends, you may prune, repot, or fertilize them. Also, you may use the weekend to take pictures and schedule posts for the week so that each day.

Your clients have a new picture, video, or information at least twice a week to keep them engaged.

Also, set up a system that a client can reach you, perhaps via direct message on social media or a Whatsapp text. This way, the orders do not interfere with your work even when you are working. Track your progress every week.

Now that you have your hustle on the side going, you need to monitor if it brings in the cash you anticipate. You need to have systems in check to show you how the sales during the week were.

Also, start the issues you encountered and figure out how you can solve them to become more efficient in the coming weeks.

Always strive to grow.
How to make money with a side hustle is dependent on growth. You need to grow, and the best way to do so is to teach yourself new things about your business constantly.

When there is a more efficient system to employ, use it, and if there are those that do not work anymore, get rid of them.

With such openness and flexibility, you will find that your venture will grow within no time. Do not stop engaging in online communities or reading blogs just because the side gig has picked up.

To stay relevant and keep growing, learn about your plants, how to mitigate diseases, and best-selling practices- this is in the case of the plant-selling side gig.


4. Which side hustle should you launch?

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Now, when you decide which business to go with, the options at your disposal are limitless. But here are a few pointers that can guide you on how to start a side hustle that is enjoyable and profitable:
Go with what you love- Let passion drive the decision.

As aforementioned above, a side hustle is an extra stream of income. But that does not mean it must be a daunting and energy-consuming venture. So go with what you love.

If you love plants: a plant business; if you love cars: a spare part selling business; and if you love photography, become a freelance photographer. The options are so many!

Here are more low-skills side hustle options:

  • Online tutor if you enjoy teaching.
  • Online writer on Fiver or Upwork if you enjoy writing.
  • Home organizer and cleaner if you enjoy cleaning.
  • Blogging and Vlogging if you enjoy storytelling.
  • If you enjoy art, arts and crafts selling on Amazon, Etsy, or eBay.


5. What are the benefits of starting a side hustle?

Side hustles with a disciplined owner who sets time aside to better the business and grow will enjoy the following benefits:

  • An extra stream of income.
  • A source of money to pay off debts.
  • A chance to invest in further education or kids’ education.
  • A way to grow, build new work relationships, and network.
  • Get retirement funds.
  • Having a way to earn extra money can benefit your career. You can get more experience, learn new skills, and make connections.


6. Determine where you will run your side-hustle -online or open up brick and mortar

Some side hustles require a physical location to serve the local market, while others can be done totally online. An art and crafts business can be run online, but a liquor store might be best as a brick-and-mortar.

Nevertheless, both require an internet connection and social media presence to reach more people.

A brick-and-mortar firm will demand additional capital because you’ll need to rent premises and hire someone to oversee operations while you’re at work. Some people may enter and buy something. And if it’s empty, it’s meaningless.

An online business allows you to operate from home. So long as you have your phone and internet connection, you can easily run your business. Consider starting an internet business if you have a stressful office job.


7. Develop a side gig budget

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Have you ever looked into how to start a side hustle without money? Well, if you have not, we are here to tell you that it is possible. In an actual sense, the reality is that you will undoubtedly spend a few other resources like time and effort, but not necessarily money.

How? Take a look at this illustration:
Suppose you decide to launch a drop shipping side gig; you may spend nothing. Ideally, your only investment is when you search for e-commerce platforms and products and link them to clients.

After you have this part covered, the client orders an item; they pay you, you buy the item from the e-commerce platform, enter their address, and you are done!

Since you open an account with the platform, you get to pay for the item at a discount with offers like free shipping, which earns you a few coins from what the client pays.

In such a venture, you have essentially sold an item you do not physically own and never get to see. You have barely lifted a finger but have earned a few coins.

Imagine carrying out such orders in thousands without spending a single penny; isn’t that amazing?

With that, here are some tips for sticking to a budget without going overboard, regardless of the side hustle:

  • You do not have to buy everything at launch.
  • Create a plan of what you need.
  • Improvise.
  • Consider the resources you may need; office equipment, laptop, internet.
  • Consider the initial business expenses; registration, licensing, and taxing.


8. Tax planning

Yet another crucial part of your side hustle is tax planning. Once you venture into making money, you must pay your dues to the government. In this case, ensure that you get accurate information from an accountant who will help you set up this plan.

They will help you set aside self-employment taxes, help you select low-cost bank business accounts, and guide you on record keeping. You will need to keep everything organized, making it easy to audit down the line. You might have to get a bookkeeper or accountant to get all of these done.


9. Setting up

This part is the business registration part of the business. And the first part is to decide if you want to start off as a sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation.

All of these have specific rules and fees to be paid, varying from state to state or Province to Province in Canada. You need to assess their advantages and disadvantages and see if they fit your side hustle.

Next, you need to open a bank account at a financial institution that requires a business registration license. You can hire a freelance accountant to help you with this part.

Also, be sure to get some legal counsel from experts from platforms like Legal Shield and LegalZoom.


10. Attracting your first customers

Now, this is the part that gets interesting. How do you attract your clients? The first side hustle guide to getting quality clients that will stay is to get your demographics right. This means that you need to establish what and how your ideal client looks, wants, does, and where they live.

You focus on even the most minor details about their lives, like their ages, what they like, what they don’t, family orientation, occupation, and habits.

The next part is to network and connect with them. This may mean joining communities that are prevalent in your neighbourhood. Join online communities and even attend social and church events to network. Always talk about what you do and ask family and friends to refer anyone who needs your services.

Give business cards and politely ask them to follow your business’s social media platforms for later communication.

Another thing is to take advertisements seriously. Use social media mainly by creating visuals on your side gig. You may share short instructional videos, pictures of your products, and how-to graphics. Better yet, share imagery on your service or good in action. This way, you attract people who need that good or service.

Lastly, how to make money with a side hustle, optimize your website, make customer interaction easy, and consider using an email mailing list.


11. Keep your side gig business thriving

To grow your freelance hustle, you must do a professional job and strive to keep growing. That said, find business advisors, mentors, and tax, marketing, HR, and management experts to help you grow. This way, you ensure that your business venture departments are all catered for.

Indeed, in the beginning, you might not need all these people, but as you grow, you might not be able to do it independently. You will require a social media manager and operations manager sooner or later. And even better yet, bringing in more people on board also helps your business venture expand.

Your side hustle might also become their own way to earn extra income. They are being paid to help you while still keeping their primary jobs.


12. How to stop side hustle burnout?

side hustle burn out
A side hustle is a great way to become financial freedom, but it takes a toll on you if you are not organized. That said, here are a few ways you can stay sane and operational to run your business without getting burnout:

  • Set time aside for each department.
  • Delegate some work if you must ease the mental load.
  • Manage your expectations.
  • Treat your way to earn extra income professionally; it has rules, so stick to them.
  • Always plan.
  • Separate your personal life from your way to make extra cash life.


To know how to start a side hustle with no money, one must first identify their interests and identify the best side hustle to start that relates to the identified interests.

Here are examples in a little more detail of the best side hustles to start with little money.

1. Become a Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists are professional typists who listen to recorded or live audio and video files and then convert them to texts based on what they hear. Transcription is one of the best side hustle to start with those having no money to start any business.


2. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers maintain and record financial events that occur in a company daily. With the relevant knowledge and skills in recording the financial transactions in a business as they occur, one can know how to start a side hustle with no money.


3. Email and Chat with Customer Service

Email customization and responding to chats in customer service do not require an individual to have any money. It is only needed that they have the skills to maintain their customers through the provision of immediate and accurate feedback.


4. Start Freelancing

Most freelancers are self-employed and do not depend on any employer to get paid to start their business or side gig. With freelancing, you can get enough money to start a desired way to make money.


5. Start a Blog – Niche website

Blogging pays well as a side hustle and mainly depends on individual attributes such as individual goals, personality, and the time they can commit to ensuring it succeeds. When well-executed, blogging can enable one to start a great side hustle with no money.


6. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants work remotely from anywhere in the world at their own convenience. Through virtual assistance, one can generate enough money to enable them to start their side hustles with no money. This is the best side job to make money from home.


7. Sell Photography

This way to earn money can start with taking clear photos for clients and selling the images to them directly. It can be easily done even without a camera because one can engage other parties on different occasions, such as engagements, weddings, maternity, and even fashion, to capture photos that clients can like and buy.


8. Youtuber

YouTube enables one to create content and upload it on their profiles. The individual makes money based on the number of subscribers and viewers of the content on their profiles. It is one of the best side hustles one can embrace even if they have no money.


9. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers have a lot of experience with visual tools mainly used by photographers. By understanding how to use these tools, one can start a good side hustle even if they have no money.


10. Social Media Manager

This is mostly done by those who are social media savvy. Working as a social media manager can enable one to make good money, especially if they use that opportunity to create and schedule posts for different companies as well as ensure the audience and the commenters on the firm’s social media pages are well and actively engaged.

Bottom Line

Side hustles are hard work. You need to be prepared to put in long hours. You also need to make sure your business idea is profitable. How to start a side hustle sounds easy until you do it. Many people have tried and failed. But that is because they did not do their due diligence to follow a guide to a side hustle. Like any business, a side hustle requires structure, rules, and guidelines. And we hope that this side hustle guide will help you.

We really hope you get it right this time, now that you know. All the best!

Related Questions﹖

What side gig makes the most money?
Freelance work is an excellent side hustle in high demand, and companies usually seek skilled writers for work. Examples of freelance work include writing articles, social media posts, newsletters, and blog posts.

How can I make an extra $1000 or $2000 a month side hustle?
Work as a virtual assistant or start a blog in a niche that you are passionate about, for instance, personal finance, travel, become a freelance writer or start a pet-sitting business.

What is the easiest side hustle to make money?
Deliver food with Uber Eat or DoorDash. Right behind ride-sharing with Uber and Lyft is a grocery delivery service.

What is the best gig job to work for?
The best gig economy job sites are, for instance, Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, which have plenty of freelance jobs online. You can do these gigs at home and earn lots of extra cash.

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