11 Best Work from Home Jobs for Single Moms Who Want to Earn Money

jobs for single moms

what are the best work from home jobs for moms
There are many best work-from-home jobs for single moms that you can do with little or no formal education and often at your own pace. You are typically your own boss and can set your own hours. You do not need a formal degree or even experience in some cases.

This means it’s an opportunity for a single mom to take advantage of. This article will explore the best work-from-home jobs for single mothers. As well as offer advice on how to find them so that you too can enjoy this great opportunity to make extra cash.


1. Interviewing tips if you’re looking to get hired from the comfort of your own home

  • Make sure your online presence is professional. If you’re looking for best practices that will help you find success in work-at-home positions,
  • Get a headshot taken and consider getting it professionally edited. It is recommended to create the best online presence with a headshot taken professionally and well-edited.
  • Consider creating a video resume. A professional video resume if possible to be given to potential employers.
  • Complete an interview preparation course. In addition to best practices, it’s important to remember some basic interviewing tips like dressing appropriately (in business attire) and showing up early at the appointment time given by potential employers.
  • 5. Finally, keep in mind how best to balance work responsibilities with family life so that everyone can be happy!


2. Tips for finding a job that best fits your schedule and needs


 jobs for single moms

1. Ask family members or employers what they like about any previous jobs you’ve held. This will give you an idea of the type of work that best suits your needs.

2. Post your resume on job boards. Consider posting it on sites that best suit your specific area of expertise, such as Monster (for office jobs), Indeed (for sales jobs), and LinkedIn (for professional service jobs).

3. Take advantage of social media, where many people advertise home businesses. For example, sites like Facebook allow you to create a business page and post information about your services or products, which can be seen by anyone who “likes” the page.


3. Ideas on how to balance work with family life


If you’re looking for some ideas on how best to balance work with family life, there are a few things that can help.

Balancing work and family can be a difficult task, especially for those who have a spouse or children. There are a few basic things that you can do to help you out going forward:

  • 1. Find a routine that best suits your needs. This will require some trial and error but is well worth the time it takes to find something that best suits your schedule. For example, you might make it a goal to go to sleep earlier so you can wake up earlier and spend more time with your kids in the morning.
  • 2. Make an agreement with your spouse about who has primary responsibility for what tasks. For example, if one of the two agrees that they will be responsible for cooking dinner while the other does the grocery shopping. One of my best friends is a single mom who works from home. She’s really busy but she manages to keep her household running smoothly by delegating responsibilities to the best person for each task. For example, she found out that she enjoyed taking care of people so she hired a nanny to take care of her children while she did errands or got some work done.


4. Here is a list of the best work-from-home jobs for single moms


stay at home jobs for moms


Phone SAHM Jobs


1. Best work-from-home jobs for single moms – Call Center Representative


As a call center representative, you will be in charge of answering calls for a company and directing the customers, and helping them with any questions, they may have.

You can set up in your home and answer calls quickly while assisting the customers from your home and also directing calls to the company the way they need to be.

2. Travel Agent

Travel agent helps their clients to find and book hotels and vacation spots for themselves and their families. If you have the skill and knowledge or training as a travel agent, you can help your client’s book travel destinations from your home.


3. In-Home Childcare


This involves taking care of other people’s kids like in a daycare. You need to have a license to start a daycare even in your home, and you can only take in a certain amount of kids at a time.

Keep in mind that the best work-from-home jobs for single moms are often outside the house because people want someone they know to watch for their kid in a safe location.

This is an excellent choice for stay-at-home mums with small children because they can also take care of their kids as they take care of others.

It’s best to find a job that is best suited to your talents and abilities, but this one will provide you with great work experience and an avenue to make money from home while also taking care of your own kids.

4. Florist

Selling flowers is a business any stay-at-home parent can start because they can quickly deliver flowers with the kids in the back seat.

You can also convert your garage to a small flower shop and take orders online so that you can deliver flowers to the people who want you to.


5. Esthetician (Do nails, hair, and facials)

If you are good at making nails, hair, and facials, you can also do this while you are at home.

You can take on these projects for others or you can offer your services to others who need them done.

Make sure that your service is in demand in the area where you’re located before opening up shop though!

I had a clothes closet in my home, and after turning it into a salon, I was able to take in clients through appointments. The best part about this is that I could set my own hours.


6. Mobile Laundry service (Wash and Dry)

This is doing laundry for other people who are too busy to do their laundry. If you do not have too much time on your hands because of the kids, you can always get a few minutes to throw clothes in the washer and dryer.

You can start with people in your neighbourhood, and it will be easy to drive with the clean laundry, even with kids in the car.


7. Professional Organizer

A professional organizer helps people to keep their homes or offices organized. The job offers a variety of services including organizing, decluttering, packing and moving.

Sometimes an individual may need to start over with a fresh slate by eliminating items that can lead to clutter and chaos.

A professional organizer can provide you with this opportunity by arranging items that are often overlooked. It is good because it only takes a few hours.


8. Braiding hair (African American Hair)

When you think about it, braiding has been around for a long time. It’s one of the few hairstyles that doesn’t require any modern tools and is still used by people all over the world today.

Braids can be done in many different styles and designs.

You’ve probably heard about the best work-from-home jobs for single moms. You only need to have the branding skills to make money braiding hair.

With that, you can start your own business and take your earning potential to heights you could never imagine.

You can take clients to your home and do their hair in the comfort of your home. All you need is a good, comfortable chair.

If they are coming to you, then every time that they come over for a braiding session, you can get them some sort of little gift, like a thoughtful card or a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

This shows that you are properly appreciating them for coming to see you.

Also while braiding your client’s hair at your house, you can ask them how they think the braid would best look best while sitting on their scalp so it can be easier on you while doing their hair.

You’d have to have the best work-from-home jobs for single moms right from home.


9. Guitar Teacher

I know this sounds like a cliche, but you can teach the guitar from your house! I know how difficult it is to find the best work-from-home jobs for single moms.

If you like teaching and playing guitar, I would recommend finding lessons and teaching students over video chat. It’s really a perfect way to make money from home for single moms!

If you were laid off from your job or due to tough covid 19 restrictions limiting you to working on-site. This is the best work-from-home gig as now you can work on guitar lessons and still have time to spend with your kids.




10. Ballet Dance choreographer

If you have experience as a professional ballet dancer and a passion for it. You can also use your vast skillset acquired to teach others, more specifically young adults or kids, to dance.

It is best to find a method for teaching that best suits your personality. One of the best ways to do this is to visit dance studios and visit the local theatre companies.

It’s also best to look up how others have started their own businesses and ask them about their experiences and different resources they may have for you.

This is the best work-at-home job for moms who has dance skills. It takes patience, persistence, drive, courage, faith in one’s abilities – but it can be done! And if you are willing to work at it every day until you succeed, there’s no telling what heights you’ll reach!


Related: 7 Best Online Ballet Classes


11. Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist listens to voice recordings made by physicians, doctors, surgeons, and other medical practitioners and types them out.

A medical transcriptionist must be highly accurate as you work with a professional’s words and use spell check to make sure that their work is correct.

It can take years of experience before a person will be able to do this type of job extremely well. A good medical transcriptionist will be able to listen to a voice recording and type it up without any errors or mistakes.

Since physicians are too busy to have time for research, they have the time to record audio recordings. This is a good stay-at-home job for busy moms who have limited time to spare in the day to earn cash from home.


Wrap-up to best work-from-home jobs for single moms

If you’re looking to get hired from the comfort of your own home, there are a few best practices that will help you increase your chances of finding success.

First and foremost, make sure your online presence is professional with headshots taken professionally edited, and consider creating a video resume if possible. Next, complete an interview preparation course so that you know what questions to expect on interviews for work-at-home positions.

Finally, keep in mind some basic interviewing tips like dressing appropriately (in business attire) and showing up early at the appointment time given by potential employers.

We hope these ideas can give you some inspiration as well as practical steps toward landing the job of your dreams!

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