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15 Best Jobs When Pregnant You Need to Know

Giving birth is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have. Experiencing pregnancy symptoms and cravings brings new challenges. However, it does not mean you need to stop working. On the contrary, it is a rewarding experience to work with other people including children.

To ease the nine-month journey, many gynecologists recommend that women keep themselves active as much as possible. In contrast to sitting behind frustrated and anticipating the arrival of her baby, this activity keeps a mother active and engaged.

It is illegal to discriminate against pregnant women in employment opportunities in many countries. However, it is challenging for a mother to maintain a hectic schedule while pregnant. Perhaps you should look for some less demanding employment opportunities so that you will remain busy.

The majority of soon-to-be mothers are confused about what they should do during pregnancy. In today’s guide, we will talk about how you can make this journey easy and earn some income during the nine months. You can learn how to start a job hunt and which job will suit you the most.
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15 Easy Jobs to Do When Pregnant

Technically, pregnant women are well suited for many online jobs opportunities. Unless it is considered unsafe by the doctor, there are no workplaces that are not suitable for a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy differs from woman to woman. It affects people differently in terms of their mental, physical, and emotional health. If you are thinking about how to make extra money while pregnant, here’s a list of 15 jobs you can choose from:

1. Writer

Taking on several content writing projects during pregnancy may be a wise choice if you have strong communication skills and can create compelling content. Organizations, publishers, or even individual writers seek the help of a skillful freelance writer to write their books and articles.

In addition, many professionals also seek the help of a freelance writer to have their marketing materials, proposals, blog posts, advertising copy, website content, technical documents, or even reports written by a professional writer. It is an excellent source these days to earn real money online.

2. Short-Burst Customer Service

Generally, customer service refers to the services provided to a client before and after a product’s sale. A pregnant woman can apply for the short-burst customer service to help customers have an enjoyable experience with the company.

Customer service jobs are not a job that requires a great deal of effort and hard work. Your job is to receive the calls and provide customers with immediate solutions to their problems. The candidate for the position must possess excellent communication skills.

3. Sell Anything You Don’t Need or Love.

Pregnancy offers many advantages and freedoms. For example, there are utensils in your house you might not use, or you are tired of old fashioned sofa set in your drawing-room.

Make photographs of such objects, post them on social media pages, and sell them. You don’t have to go out looking for buyers. They will reach out to you at your location.

Moreover, there is no better time to start your own business than now. Shop online for items you love, such as jewelry, clothes, or baby items, post them on social media platforms, and start your own business from the convenience of your own home. It can be a good option for making money while it doesn’t apply any physical effort.

4. Freelance Proofreader or Editor

A freelance proofreader or editor is a person who looks for irrelevant content and corrects someone else’s work. If you are good at spelling, and grammar or have a strong grasp of playing with words, this job is for you.

It can be a great source of some extra income to analyze anyone’s book, article, blog, or any other written content. In many cases, pregnant women choose to proofread and edit content since it only requires a laptop or desktop computer and a comfortable position to read data.

It is undoubtedly an excellent remote job for pregnant women that can help them stay at home and schedule their own work hours.

5. Best Jobs When Pregnant-Freelance Photographer

If you have excellent photographic skills, this job is for you. You will be self-employed, and the job can be done on a contract basis, the same as a graphic designer. Therefore, you don’t have to be in a long-term relationship with your client. They can hire you for a single project, and once you are done, it will be over.

Typically, such photographers are best for weddings, small birthday events, high school graduation parties, etc. The decision is entirely yours. There is no need to answer anyone. Plan your schedule with flexible work hours. Work if you are feeling well, or else you may take a break.

6. Reservations Agent

A reservation agent or reservationist is a person who works in customer services to take reservations for the customers. Usually, they are front desk workers in a company or office facing directly to the customers.

Such agents work on the phone or answer the clients in person and manage their travel and reservation plans. Typically, these agents are available in airlines, hotels, resorts, medical offices, transportation companies, restaurants, and cruise lines.

7. Best Jobs When Pregnant-Online Test Assessor

A variety of organizations carry out online assessments related to different courses. It is common for these tests to be administered to graduates and master’s degree holders to help them specialize in their fields.

Additionally, these websites hire online test assessors to evaluate the results manually. A job can be quickly done while staying in the comfort of your own home and doesn’t require much effort.

Therefore, if you are qualified in a particular field or subject, get registered with an organization. Being an online test assessor can be one of the best jobs to earn money during your pregnancy period.

8. Tutor Online

An online tutor is at the top of job hunting for pregnant women working flexible hours. If you are qualified and educated in a certain subject, start giving online tuition. It is considered the most convenient work-from-home job for pregnant women.

Many parents look for private tuition for their kids to let them explain the concepts more clearly. Nowadays, many tutoring websites are operating worldwide, so you can find your students from any part of the world.

Just associate yourself with a website, make an impressive profile, upload a video explaining your skills and teaching style, and you are ready to get started—no need to go through difficult procedures.

9. Website Tester

If you have graduated in computer science or own a software engineering degree, the website tester job can be for you. You have to analyze the website as a regular visitor and give a detailed report on its performance and how the graphic designer has done it.

Such jobs are convenient for pregnant women as they don’t require detailed and complicated design processes. Visit the website, test its features, and generate a quality assurance report. It is common for companies to associate this job with programming to enhance their website’s functionality.

To apply for this job, you must have remarkable communication skills, high observation, and a willingness to be consistent to perform similar tasks repeatedly. You have to provide them with the reports and possible solutions to improve the productivity of their site.

10. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is hired to provide authentic and up-to-date information about the financial status of a business. They generate reports and send them to business owners, managers, and authorized people.

Additionally, bookkeepers are also involved in the strategic development of the business and share their ideas with the team. They also share their job duties with the accounting department to generate tax reports and financial statements.

For pregnant women, it can be a less tiring job. It doesn’t require roaming around and hard work. Sometimes, all you have to do is reconcile bank statements and data entry work.

11. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can be one of the best jobs for pregnant women since the job can be done remotely and it is easy to monitor. You do nothing more than managing the client’s daily tasks while working remotely and informing them about their online sales.

Typically, virtual assistants have to plan and schedule all the client’s meetings. Sometimes, they also have access to calendars and other documents remotely.

If you were previously employed as an office manager or administrative assistant, you are eligible for this job. Recently, new opportunities have also been introduced for virtual assistants, including internet marketing, graphic designing, blog posts, content management, etc.

12. Content Manager Part-Time

Generally, content managers are responsible for developing the image and strategy of the company. They strategically distribute the content to communicate better with the consumers and build target content for the readers.

Sometimes pregnant job seekers cannot go out of the house and work. In that case, you can work as a content manager in any company. Your job will be to look after the strategic efforts, distribution, and developmental programs and inform the target audience about your company’s services.

Additionally, the role might also include digital marketing strategies and how to utilize specific tools to rank well. These content creators are responsible for distributing the data to the target audience and eventually contributing to increasing sales.

13. Best Jobs When Pregnant-Social Media Moderators

If you enjoy keeping up with social media platforms, you may wish to consider this online job to earn money. Social media is not only a source of entertainment, but also it is a huge marketplace.

Many social media managers are working on these platforms to filter out useless and rubbish content for their users. You can also be a part of such an organization to remove offensive content and filter your content for the users.

Such social media managers play a vital role in making a brand image, promoting their product, and gathering more revenue for the company. You have to manage the content and display it to the relevant users with the help of moderating tools.

14. Search Engine Evaluator

You can also be a search engine evaluator if you are willing to work and stay active during nine months of pregnancy. It can be one of the best jobs for pregnant women to stay at home, provide actual feedback, and rate what comes up on your search results.

Typically, graphic designers and companies use this to analyze where their products are ranking and how they can improve their rankings by using specific search engine optimization techniques and tools.

15. Website Testing

If you like to evaluate the status of various website designs and appearances, you can pick this job. Typically, a website tester has the job to analyze the operating performance of a website on the internet.

You have to visit the website like a regular user, visit all the pages, and test the website usability. You have to present a quality assurance report to the company. Also, you might have to generate some solutions and ideas on how to improve the website’s performance.

Many pregnant women opt for this job as it only requires a working internet connection and a laptop—no need to visit the company personally. You can stay at home and generate the report accordingly.

Why Is It Important to Work When Pregnant?

It is important to work when pregnant to stay active and keep yourself busy as it might be irritating to sit at home for whole nine months.

Working during pregnancy or staying at home completely depends on a woman’s condition. Sometimes, a lady can’t cope with various pregnancy symptoms and work. However, it is manageable to take both work and pregnancy together in some cases.

Though, every woman feels some primary symptoms throughout pregnancy. It is possible to prevent such symptoms from occurring in the workplace by implementing basic measures.

Moreover, it is also essential to ensure you are safe while at work. Choose a job opportunity that suits your health and mental condition. Take regular breaks and change postures while working as it can cause backache.

Will Jobs Hire You if You Are Pregnant?

Many employers will easily hire you if you are pregnant unless you are ineligible for the job but if you can efficiently perform basic tasks. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you are ill or injured. Many women secure new job opportunities while pregnant, and they do it pretty well. Just make sure you avoid heavy lifting jobs when pregnant.

You are not legally obligated to mention that you are pregnant at work. Mainly, interviewers prohibit asking such questions; however, they may ask questions like whether you plan to get married sooner or are planning to have babies.

Parting Thoughts To Good Paying Jobs While Pregnant

Being pregnant shouldn’t make you distressed and feel awkward. There are plenty of job ways how to make extra money while pregnant. Utilize your skills and with a little bit of job search effort, you can earn some extra income while being at home.

Pregnancy does not mean you have to give up on your dreams or career ambitions. Don’t let motherhood hinder your goal! Embrace motherhood with complete joy, but don’t let it dominate your life!

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