.My name is Pachalo and I’m the owner of Investadisor.

I’m obsessed with personal finance

I have been working in the financial industry for over 11 years. The entire time, I have helped so many people realize their personal financial goals. However, deep down at the core, I still felt there were other passions that I would love to pursue. As a result, I started this blog to sort of explore them and share my knowledge beyond personal finance.

When and how the site got started

It was on a Monday afternoon during the long weekend in September 2017. I remember sitting on the chair at the dining table with my laptop, reading a random blog. I can’t recall the name. But it was about how to start a blog. Right at the end of the article, there was a link to get started with blue host. Without hesitation, I registered right away, within minutes came up with the domain name -investadisor. That’s how this blog got started.

In life, I have learned that if you want to do something, the best time is to start it, IS NOW. I have always thought of starting a blog in the past but, I was 100% focused on the reasons why it won’t work. However, that day it was different. I made a DECISION to do it.

Your expectation from the site

This is a personal finance blog. My commitment to the blog is I will post thoroughly researched articles. My goal is to assist people looking to learn more about how to make, save money and entrepreneurship. On the whole, I promise I will keep the posts simple and refrain from using JARGON -words that are difficult to understand.

Thank you for paying my blog a visit, please come again.

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